Falco by Mons Kallentoft and Anna Karolina


Falco is the fifth instalment in the intriguing Zack series.

When a teenage girl commits a horrific act of terror in the Stockholm underground,investigator Zack Herry arrives just in time to stop her from killing even more people. Afterwards, the whole country is shaken to the core. Had the young girl been acting all on her own in planning the horrific deed, or was she part of a bigger scheme? Are more attacks to be expected?

Zack finds it difficult getting the now dead girl out of his mind, there was something about the way she was looking at him, as though she had been out to get him above all. But when a policeman, Roger Dahl, first is reported missing and then found brutally murdered, Zacks’s focus shifts. The murder bears the signs of some kind of medieval ritual, and the police are left wondering what it means. Dahl had been working as the handler of an infiltrator on the inside of an infamous drug gang, and now the infiltrator, Copper, has asked specifically to get Zack as his new handler.

Meanwhile in his private life, Zack has entered into a new romantic relationship with the volatile Indha. But he is finding it difficult to trust her, and when she goes missing too, Zack starts questioning if he ever knew her at all. To move the investigation of his murdered colleague forward, Zack takes help from his childhood friend Abdula, who moves in the same murky waters as the infamous drug lord. Little does Zack know this will change both their lives forever. Through a series of clues, Zack also inches further and further to the truth about his biological family, but is he really prepared for what the truth holds?

Falco is the fifth instalment in the intriguing Zack series. This time, master of the genre Mons Kallentoft has teamed up with skilled crime writer and ex-police Anna Karolina. In Falco, we delve deeper into the psyches of Zack, the unruly but sensitive police officer who has gained huge readership across the world.

In den Klauen des Falken (Deutsch)

“Falco is written together with Anna Karolina, and it seems this new duo has collaborated just as well as the last one. Falco blends in well and fans of the series won’t be disappointed. […] This book is a perfect example the new kind of Swedish police thriller and it is a real page turner. […] The choice of Anna Karolina as a writing partner is obviously a success and it is apparent that the two inspire each other to be more daring when it comes to plot.” CRIMEGARDEN (SE)

“The plot in this super riveting thriller is incredibly current. […] So well written and realistic that it hurts.” BTJ (SE)

“My first and lasting impression of Falco is that it is world class, excellent suspense. Perhaps that is what you gain when two skilled writers cooperate and complement each other. Nothing has been left to chance. Each event and detail serves a purpose, it’s simply incredibly skillful. This author duo captures the entire register, from stirring our emotions and empathy to creating breathtaking action scenes.” JOHANNAS DECKARHÖRNA, 5/5 BLOG (SE)

“Incredibly thrilling and at times very scary.” DECKARHUSET, BLOG (SE)

“The author duo Kallentoft/Anna Karolina are better together than I could ever have hoped for in my wildest dreams and it’s clear that the series has developed further and become, if possible, even better. Nearly every book in this series has been better than the former one, and it’s true this time as well. Falco is the best book in the series so far!” BOKLYSTEN, BLOG (SE)

“Falco has all the ingredient the make up a proper suspense novel. There are interesting characters who affect each other in different ways, but above all there’s a plot that makes it impossible to put down this book.” SKRIVROBERT, BLOG (SE)

“Mons Kallentoft and Anna Karolina is a perfect duo who offers the kind of suspense that is so characteristic for them, but in a fantastic combination. It’s very thrilling, moving, and extremely high pace. Short and well-written chapters and well-portrayed characters and events. This is simply impossible to put down, and sometimes you lose your breath completely because of the suspense.” DECKARTIPS, BLOG (SE)

“This book is incredibly thrilling, and unfortunately highly current as it opens with an act of terror. […] Highly recommended!” BIMS BLOGG, BLOG (SE)

“A real page turner.” EPILOGER, BLOG (SE)

“Falco has everything you want from a modern crime novel. It’s rapid, raw, and completely irresistible. It has both the characters, the ambition, and the milieus. […] You’re immediately thrown into an action filled plot and then you’re stuck until the very last page. […] Nothing is left to chance, all threads are tied neatly together and the book is incredibly well-written. Falco is impossible to put down and definitely qualifies as one of the best books in the series. The Zack series has gotten a new tone and the style still holds incredibly good quality. I can’t wait for the next because Falco hits bull’s eye!” OLIVIAS DECKARHYLLA, BLOG (SE)

“Falco is a smart, well-written, and entertaining crime novel that offers an incredibly timely topic and many unexpected turns.” MIDNATTSORD, BLOG (SE)


WHEN THE POLICE arrive to the island they are confronted with a horrific sight: a group of upper-class youths seem to have per-formed hedonistic rituals, which have resulted in an outright blood-bath. But when yet another mass suicide occurs, the police are still without a clue.

FOR THE FIRST time in...



Four Thai women from one of the massage parlors in Södermalm, Stockholm are found brutally executed, while a fifth one is found dumped and badly mutilated outside Södersjukhuset Hospital. Marks on her body indicate that she has been attacked by an animal.
     Zack Herry...



Two children are executed. An organization that resembles a terrorist sect takes the blame for the horrible act. But who are they, and what do they want? At the Special Unit, Zack Herry and his colleagues are on high alert. Zack, who has now had a son...