Leon by Kallentoft and Lutteman



A young boy is abducted from a refugee centre and is later found dead inside of a chimney. Shortly thereafter, the police receives a link to a live stream, where another boy can be seen locked up in a cage. A clock next to him shows that he has 71 hours to live. Zack Herry knows what evil that awaits the child, but in order to find him he must put his own life at stake.
At the same time, Zack’s drug habit is getting out of hand as he fights a losing battle. The boundaries between right and wrong are becoming hazy and while his colleagues are chasing the abductor, Zack is pulled into his best friend’s drug dealings. He is faced with impossible choices. Should he save the boy or should he help Abdula?

LEON is the second instalment of Mons Kallentoft and Markus Lutteman’s popular series and is loosely based on Hercules first labour to conquer an invincible lion. Leon will be published in Swedish 11th of May.

I’m reluctant to read a new book about the fiercely drug-abusing cop Zack who often finds himself far from the law and who hardly knows what he’s doing half the time. But when I finally begin to read, I’m hooked, because this author duo can certainly tell a story. Lotta Olsson, Dagens Nyheter

Just like "Zack”, "Leon” is a swarm of events. It requires the style that Kallentoft and Lutteman have chosen in order for the reader to keep up. In a straightforward manner they tell their complex story. Everything appears simple and logical and almost prosaic despite the abyss of atrocities it involves: a cynical gamble with innocent lives, the exploitation of the defenceless and a crude power struggle among Stockholm’s drug lords. Inger Dahlman, Norrköpings Tidningar

What a page-turner! The tempo is so ferocious, the plot so thrilling, the characters so captivating – for better and worse – that it is completely impossible to stop reading and I finish it in the matter of hours. Fantastiska berättelser (blog)

"Leon” is breath-taking and action-packed from the first page and the plot is just as cruel and brutal as it was in "Zack”. I’m hooked from the beginning and can’t stop reading until the very last word on the final page. This series is really something for those who like action and drama. Boklysten (blog)

The book is impossible to put down. It has completely captured me and my heart. It has been a while since a book could emotionally seize me this way. It’s almost painful to read. The story becomes more vivid with every page and I’m gradually pulled even deeper down. The only thing I want to do is to get to the end, hoping that they will rescue the little boy, and that I will be able to close the book and pray that fiction surpasses reality. Bokbunden (blog)

The book is occasionally rather brutal, but also incredibly riveting. Kallentoft & Lutteman knows how to engage the readers and there is not a single superfluous word in this book. Everything that happens adds forward movement to the plot and all loose ends are elegantly tied up in the end. The pace is fast, there’s something going on all the time. This means that it’s rather impossible to stop reading /… / I salute these two gents who know how to write a perfect hardboiled crime novel, which leaves the reader gasping for air. Johannas deckarhörna (blog)

One of my favourite Swedish crime novels so far this year is Mons Kallentoft and Markus Lutteman’s "Leon” /… / It is fast-paced, the main characters are wretched and complex, and even though the authors’ devices to lure the readers in may sometimes be a tad too obvious, it still works. "Leon” is a page-turner that demands to be read in one sitting. Kerstin Bergman, Crimegarden (blog)


Stallhagen, autumn 2016. The subway station has been burned down and the buses no longer run in the area. The criminal gangs have taken over completely, and when a police car explodes, the authorities are forced to stop all emergency services call-outs to the area…

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Four Thai women from one of the massage parlors in Södermalm, Stockholm are found brutally executed, while a fifth one is found dumped and badly mutilated outside Södersjukhuset Hospital. Marks on her body indicate that she has been attacked by an animal.
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Two children are executed. An organization that resembles a terrorist sect takes the blame for the horrible act. But who are they, and what do they want? At the Special Unit, Zack Herry and his colleagues are on high alert. Zack, who has now had a son...